Today we received very interesting visitors at Diospi Suyana. The president of Peru visited the hospital, together with the health minister and the minister of education. When I arrived at the hospital this morning, the main road was closed for cars and the surroundings were guarded by the police. Around the hospital itself several soldiers with serious machine guns were positioned and there were even some guards from the special forces. The delegation arrived by helicopter around 8.30 and landed on the helicopter platform of the hospital. After a brief meet-and-greet, the group left for Pisonaypata, a village close to Curahuasi. There they handed out tablets to poor children that have not been to school for over a year because the schools are still closed. These tablets were promised about a year ago. Today, at least a couple of them were actually handed out. 

Around 11 o clock the president arrived back at the hospital. After a presentation about the history and purpose of Diospi Suyana the president went on a short tour of the hospital. Then the caravan moved on. The president and the ministers got back into the helicopter and the others left for Cusco by car. Peace returned to the hospital. 

What does a visit like this mean for Diosput Suyana? First of all, we hope and pray that the story of Diospi Suyana would be a testimony of God’s love, also for the president of Peru. Second, not rarely problems arise that are so big that we need help from Lima to solve them. At such moments, it really helps to have met the president and ministers. Third, we have used this visit to make a very specific request to the president and the health minister. During the pandemic, foreign doctors are able to work in Peru without first having to go through a lengthy process of having their non-Peruvian titles recognised here. This however, only applies to government hospitals. We have now asked the president to alter the legislation in such a way that it also applies to private hospitals without a profit motive. It would be great if this will work out!