The 3rd of June I wrote about the 2 year old girl Z who we treated at the hospital for a deformity of her foot- Clubfoot. A few weeks back I saw her again after having finished the castings and the traumatologist having done a tenotomy (a small incision of the Achilles tendon to give the foot space to bend upwards in the ankle- a movement essential for being able to walk properly).


Before the treatments, the girl had learned to get around with her deformity. Hence, it had taken a while for her to get used to putting her weight properly on the foot. She had received a week ok intensive therapy after taking off her last cast. Physiotherapeutic treatment was mostly aimed at teaching her mother how to coach her daughter while back in the jungle, where they came from.


As you can see in the picture, now her foot looks normal, her walking was just like that of any other child of her age. How wonderful to be able to help babies and little children like Z with Ponseti treatment. We are very thankful for the training we received in 2019, and are looking forward to having staff of the Diospi Suyana mission hospital (not me unfortunately) being trained with the ‘Advanced course of Ponseti’, God willing in the new year.

Z. walking