Life is not only difficulty and hardship. We just had a couple of lovely weeks. On July 15th, my (Steven) parents arrived in Peru and a day later I could pick them up in Cusco. After a good lunch on great hights (Cusco is located at an altitude of almost 3.400 metres) we drove to Curahuasi where Vikki and the kids were very happy with the arrival of Opa and Oma. We have really enjoyed our time together and it was sad to see them leave again after almost 3 weeks but that is part of the deal.

On July 22nd 2011, Vikki and I got married. On July 22nd 2021 we celebrated our 10th anniversary. And we have really been blessed during the last 10 years. We started out as students in a social housing appartment building that has since then been knocked down. A good number of moves later we live in the mountains of Peru and we are working for the same organisation. We are healthy and have received beautiful children. Some would argue to stop when you reach a high point but we actually hope to continue on together for a good while. Because my parents stayed with the children Vikki and I could go to Cusco for 2 nights and we really enjoyed it!

On July 24th Leah turned 7 and of course this also needed to be celebrated. Vikki had planned a great party and Leah had invited all her friends. Unfortunately there were some cases of Covid in our surroundings which made us decide to postpone the party. The good news was that we still had a great cake that we now could divide between less people. Leah’s party is now planned for this coming weekend.