On August 30th at 17:29 Peruvian time the moment had finally come, our son Simeon Philip was born!

Let’s go back a couple of days. On Friday August 24th Vikki and I drove to Cusco with the girls to meet my parents and brother. After a couple of days in Cusco we continued to Urubamba in the Sacred Valley. We returned to Curahuasi on Tuesday the 28th of August. A day earlier than planned because Vikki was not feeling completely peaceful being away from the hospital with the due date getting closer.

Late that Wednesday evening, with 37 weeks and 1 day, Vikki’s waters broke so we could go to the hospital. My parents stayed with the girls so we could leave without having to worry about them. We arrived at the hospital at about 02.30 am. Then started the waiting as the contractions were not really kicking in. We slept a little bit and then we talked, watched something on our tablet and took a couple a walks. Quite relaxed really.

At about 13.30 Vikki was given a tablet that was supposed to start up the contractions. This worked really well and we were holding our little Simeon only 4 hours later. Vikki did a great job once again!

He was a bit blue but thankfully his oxygen levels were quite reasonable. During the night he was given extra oxygen once and after that he managed that really well. He did have low bloodsugar. For this they gave him a little bit of extra milk which solved that as well.

On Friday morning my parents, brother, brother in law, sister in law (not a bad attendance when you live on a different continent) to visit with Leah and Olivia. It was really nice to introduce little Simeon and to see the reaction of Leah and Olivia when they saw their baby brother. His name is still a bit difficult so for now we hear a lot of ‘little brother’ and ‘baby’. Other versions that I heard were ‘SimoƱon’ and ‘Silip’ (a creative combination of Simeon and Philip),

Now it is time for some pictures.

The offspring

Aunty Elsa, Leah and Olivia are admiring little Simeon