Dear all,

We have a lot to tell you but we will try to keep it short.

The flight

When sitting in the airplane ready to leave we recieved an anouncement that because of a computer crash in Schiphol airport we would have to wait 1.5 hours before takeoff. Not a very nice start to a flight that was already going to be 12 hours long. Thankfully, we were able to leave 15 minutes after this anouncement had been made! We arrived in Lima (Peru) after a long but calm flight on the scheduled arrival time.

Above the ocean somewhere


In Lima we were picked up by a taxi and taken to the guesthouse of Diospi Suyana Hospital in Lima. Here we were warmly welcomed by José and his wife Tamara. The next two days José guided us through all the paperwork that was needed to start the procedure to get our visas. In approximately 1.5 months we are expected to personaly pick up our visas in Lima. We can then start the visa procedure for Leah and Olivia returning once more after 1.5 months to then collect their visas in the capital.

At Interpol for a part of the visa related paperwork

Plaza San Martin (Lima)



After three days in Lima we took a flight on Friday evening to Arequipa. Juan Carlos of the language school came to pick us up and he took us to the appartment that will be our home for the coming three months. A fine place for us. We live three minutes walk away from the church that we will be attending, 10 minutes walk to the language school, and 25 minutes walk to the historical centrum of Arequipa!

El Misti

Language school

Steven doing his homework (with a nice glass of Inca Kola)


In a nut shell, we are doing well. At the end of each day we are wacked! But that is to be expected with all the first impressions we have. Just about everything is different here!

Thank you for your interest and involvement. Write to you again soon!