For over half a year Leah was looking forward to go to Peru because she was going to get to go to school there. Her picture of school; playing in the ball pit. Last Thursday the big moment finally arrived. Dressed in the school uniform of the Colegio Diospi Suyana and equipped with a beautiful mochila (back pack) and lonchera (lunch box) we arrived at school.

As it was the beginning of the school year the day began with a grand opening on the central schoolyard. After about an hour of music, speeches and skits the moment was finally there, school was starting! Parents were allowed to stay with the youngest children if they wanted to. However, we planned to leave and to see how Leah would like that. When I said to Leah that we would be back in a couple of hours to pick her up she asked me how many hours that would be. I told her that we would be back in about 2 hours. This was not enough for Leah, make it 4 of 5 hours she said.

At the end of the morning (this first months she starts out with classes until 11.15) we picked Leah up again and she was really enthusiastic. She had been playing a lot, she had not yet been able to learn Spanish but according to Leah she did learn to speak German. A productive 2 hours.

On Friday she went to school again with a smile and later she told us that she had already made a friend. She had no idea what her name was but it was the girl with the braid.

The weekend was a bit boring for Leah. On Sunday night we were talking about school during supper. Leah said that she would be fine going to school with just Viola and Noah (upstairs neighbours). Daddy and Mommy could just stay at home and play with Olivia. This growing up and becoming independent is going quite fast this way!