Two weeks ago the moment had finally come, our first whole week of holiday since we came to Curahuasi in february 2018! We went to Iquitos for a week where we stayed in a really nice hotel for the first 2 days. After that we stayed with Dave and Michele Mahon and their 3 children. We met this English family during our time in Arequipa and it was really nice to see them again!

Iquitos truly is something different to Curahuasi and that is exactly what the doctor ordered. No mountains but jungle, no dry but humid air, no cool nights but 30 degrees at 8 ‘o clock in the evening etc. The people look different, the music is different and the food is different. To us it almost felt like we were not in Peru as the Peru that we know exists of mountains, mountains and more mountains.

The children had a great time together and the adults got to have good conversations and rest a bit. We had a great day on and in the water. Other than that we spent a couple of days in and around the Mahon’s house as Leah was not feeling well.

But, enough said. Photos tell the story better 🙂