Today is the day, round 2 of the Peruvian presidential elections. Only two people participate in the second round.

Keiko Fujimori is the daughter of Alberto Fujimori who was the president/dictator of Peru from 1990 to 2000. During his time as president he beat back the terrorist group Shining Path and he improved the economy drastically. He also violated human rights, closed the parliament and was later convicted for corruption. His daughter Keiko is a right-wing politicion and she has been proven to be corrupt on different occasions. She was recently released from prison where she was because of, yes, corruption.

Her opponent is Pedro Castillo. He is from the mountains in the north of Peru and he is a teacher. He has never (so far) been convicted for corruption and is seen by many as man of the people and an alternative for the corrupt politicions in Lima. Pedro’s party is called Peru Libre. This is a self-proclaimed marxist/leninist group. They have big plans for Peru and look to Venezuela and Cuba as examples.

The director of Diospi Suyana sent out a public statement on wednesday in which he warned for a communist regime. The coming time will be a bit tense. If Pedro Castillo wins he will be installed on the 28th of july. Peru would then be headed towards a very uncertain future, as would Diospi Suyana. A private hospital and a private school and then also founded on religious convictions, that does not combine well with communism which thinks the State can do anything better and that religion is the opium of the people. Should Keiko Fujimore win, protests might well break out. Pedro Castillo was ahead in almost all of the polls so if he ends up losing, many of his supporters will not believe that the elections were honest. And they could even be right. 

Since roughly 80%-90% of the people in the mountain areas of Peru will vote for Castillo, protests might also erupt here. They could even focus on Diospi Suyana. 

Please pray with us for honest elections and for a transfer of power in july without violence.