We noticed that many Peruvians, or at least many Arequipeños, have more than one job. Many earn some extra money by driving a taxi for example. Also the teachers at the language school do more than just teach Spanish. This is how I got to see my teacher Julio in class this morning and again in the afternoon now wearing a real dentist outfit. He teaches Spanish in the mornings and pulls teeth and drills and fills holes in the afternoons.

The dentist practice

Just before we left to Peru we went to the dentist in order to embark on our travels with a fully healthy set of teeth. Unfortunately one of the fillings that was placed only 5 weeks ago came loose a couple of days ago. When I heard that my own teacher was also a dentist, I quickly made an appointment. So there I was this afternoon in downtown Arequipa in de chair of the dentist practice of my Spanish teacher.

View from the chair at the dentist

After a thourough check up it appeared that I have to come back a couple of times because unfortunately the loose filling was not the only thing wrong with my teeth. Dentists in the Netherlands often have a drawing or a TV above the chair in order to take ones mind of all the drilling and other nasty stuff. In Peru they simply open the shutters. The view of the mountains makes it all a bit more pleasant.