Sometimes things go smoothly, and sometimes there are hurdles. The same thing goes for the treatment of patients. Little girl Z, 2 years old, came last February to the hospital with a deformity of the foot called Clubfoot. Since the training we received from Global Clubfoot Initiative in November 2019 we have been able to help the children, who come with their parents looking for help to be able to walk without the deformation. With Z. the castings did not go as smoothly as in other cases. After three castings, the foot was still in the same position. Analyzing the x-ray and talking to pediatricians, orthopedic surgeons, traumatologists, physical therapists (in Peru, England and Germany), we came to a plan of how we would carry on with the therapy.

Yesterday was the moment of the truth. Had the plan worked? Just before the therapy appointment we learned that the mum of Z. was diagnosed with COVID. A disappointment. But we were not going to leave the girl untreated. One of the staff members of our Clubfoot team came up with the brilliant idea of treating the girl outside in the amphitheater where the COVID screening takes place.  There, with our COVID gear on, we proceeded to take off the old cast to see what the foot looked like. There was progress! The movement limitation that had caused the delay was now gone! The relief was great; the mum was especially relieved! She had moved from the jungle with two of her three children to the mountains of Curahuasi in February in order to be able to continue this treatment. Now going back to her family was starting to look like a possibility in a not too far away future! Praise God! We are also thankful for the wonderful teamwork we can count on within the hospital and as well as the help we receive from medical staff in other countries.