Christmas is a time to spend with family and loved ones. A time to remember the gift God has given us in the form of Jesus. Sending us the Saviour to restore our relationship with Him. Definately worth celebrating!

I had wondered how our first Christmas in Peru would be, away from family and loved ones. Having no family and friends around seemed very sad and a bit boring. But we have had very nice days!

In the weeks leading up to Christmas the girls were invited to decorate Christmas cookies together with other missionary children. Also the students in the language school each presented the Christmas traditions of their home country (in Spanish mind you) and they all brought a typical dish.

Sunday we went to the Christmas service at church, we enjoyed some hamburgers and we saw some nice Christmas lights.

Monday we met up with two missionary families, one from the USA and one from England. The children had a wonderful time playing together. As Christmas is Jesus’ birthday we had a birthday cake and we sang happy birthday with the children ;). Then there were some gifts for the children.

A special moment that evening was when we prayed for the meal. The prayer was also for our children that they would get to know God personally and that He would bless them in this time of change. It is so good to again realise God knows each and everyone of us personally, small children and adults alike. Knowing He wants nothing than the best for us makes the peace of Christmas real.