In our last blog we wrote that it appeared that schools would not open any time soon. In a general sense this unfortunately still is the case. The Diospi Suyana school, however, received the long awaited but unexpected permission to open. For us a really welcome miracle. Diospi Suyana is the first school in the whole of Apurímac that managed to receive this permission.

Since the beginning of September our children have been back at school. In small groups, with masks and only every other day but still! For the girls it has been a real joy to finally be with their teachers and classmates again. For Simeon it was a bit more difficult which is not so strange given the fact that he does not really speak Spanish and he only just turned 3. But in the mean time he is doing well and even enjoys going to school. 

Recently, officials from the regional government came to visit the school to see how Diospi Suyana manages to teach both to the children in the classrooms while teaching children at home through Zoom at the same time. And all of this without any infections so far. We are really thankful for the Diospi Suyana school reopening, hopefully many more schools in Peru can follow soon…

Simeon on his first day of school