Who are we?
We are Steven and Vikki de Jager. Steven (1988) grew up in the Netherlands close to Eindhoven. Vikki was born in London, grew up in Colombia and moved to Eindhoven in 2007. We married in 2011, had Leah in 2014 and Olivia in 2016. In 2018 our son Simeon was born here in Peru. We both grew up in a Brethren Assembly and as a family we have been a part of the Brethren Assembly in Eindhoven.

After finishing high school Steven worked with a foundation (stichting Krusada) on Bonaire with addicted men. Then he studied Organisation Studies (bachelor) and Christianity & Society (master) at Tilburg University. After this he started a traineeship at PwC where he trained to be and worked as a tax consultant for 4 years. Vikki studied Physical Therapy in Eindhoven and, after starting with a number of observations, she worked at a private practice for physical therapy for 5 years.

What are we doing in Peru?
On November 21, 2017 moved to Peru for 3 years. We first lived in Arequipa for 3 months. Steven worked to improve his Spanish there at a professional language school. We arrived in Curahuasi at the end of February 2018.

The mission hospital Diospi Suyana was founded in Curahuasi over 10 years ago. The patients of this Christian hospital are mainly Quechua indians that inhabit the area. The Quechua indians generally live in poverty and Diospi Suyana provides them with much needed medical care.

Vikki works the hospital as a physical therapist. Steven oversees non-medical areas at Diospi Suyana like personnel, finances, logistics and data management.

We are doing this because we believe that God cares for every single human being. He has shown us his love and He has given us everything in his son Jesus Christ. With our work, we hope to show the patients at Diospi Suyana something of this great love so that the may know Him. Besides our work at the hospital we are active in a local church where we are involved in the children’s work and preaching.