Already a year has gone bye since we said goodbye to friends and family and got on the plane to Lima. A lot has happened in this 1 year. A short summary.

Ready to leave!

In the airplane

We started out in Arequipa where Steven worked hard at improving his Spanish. We met a lot of other missionaries in Arequipa, saw the Dakar rally, Steven preached in Spanish for the first time, we experienced several earthquakes, we celebrated our first Christmas in Peru, Vikki learned to prepare Peruvian dishes and Olivia turned 2.

Dakar rally

Steven doing his homework

The volcano El Misti

Olivia on her second birthday

A substantial earthquake that we also felt in Arequipa

Front garden

Language school

Christmas lights

We left Arequipa at the end of February to start our adventure in Curahuasi. The trip to Curahuasi by nightbus and taxi was tough because it involved a lot of vomiting and a substantial delay because of a very large rock that blocked part of the road. Once in Curahuasi, we received a warm welcome. 2 weeks later we both started our work in the hospital. Vikki has seen the awareness about fysiotherapy grow in the hospital and her team has been expanded. Steven spent his working days together with his colleague Matthias on matters such as finances, logistics, personnel, software etc.

Ready to go with the nightbus

Cars and trucks could only just continue their journey

The view from our house in Curahuasi

Vikki the fysio

One of the consultation rooms at the hospital

A lot has happened besides our work as well. We joined one of the local churches, Leah started school (and doing a very good job), we received many visits from friends and family (among which Robert and Elsa for a longer period), we made new friends, we enjoyed the wonderful nature of Peru, we were involved in a car accident, we did a lot of paperwork, Robert and Steven did a 2 day conference in the jungle on the bible and finances and we have welcomed our son Simeon.

Leah and Olivia at the kidsclub in our church

Campfire at church

Looking around at Leah’s school

Robert and Elsa with the girls in their new pyjamas

The offspring

Car accident on the way to a medical campaign

Medical campaign in Poltocsa

Vikki’s parents on Capitan Rumi

On the way to Choquequirao

Looking out on Curahuasi with Dirk, Levina and Igoné

Leah with her binoculars on Capitan Rumi

Vikki and Elise at lagune Humantay

Amazon river next to Iquitos

Working with pastors in the jungle on financial administration

We look back on this past year with great joy. It was a year marked by adjustment, both as a family as well as personally.  It was a year in which we met a lot of new people and in which we experienced a lot of new things. But above all it was a year in which we have really experiences God’s faithfulness. On to year 2!

We want to thank all of you for your interest in our work and family!

Fall 2017 – The Netherlands

Fall 2018 – Peru