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Help from the Netherlands

Everyone can use some help sometimes. We were quite quickly on board when our upstairs neighbours (John and Viola Lentink) suggested to look for a young lady who could help us with the children. I believe that we came up… Continue Reading →

300.000th treatment at Diospi Suyana

As you would expect at a hospital founded by Germans, all the statistics are carefully monitored. That is why on Thursday afternoon we learned that we would perform our 300.000th treatment on Friday. Click here to see how this was… Continue Reading →

Diospi Suyana for dummies #1

Together with my colleague Matthias I regularly take decisions that affect different areas of the hospital. To have a better feel for the effects of our decisions I have decided to tag along with different Diospi Suyana colleagues in their… Continue Reading →

With wailing sirens to Cusco

Even though at Diospi Suyana we can offer our patients a wide range of medical services, sometimes a patient needs something that we cannot provide. When that happens we usually refer those patients to Cusco or Lima. In both cases… Continue Reading →

Waste of money

Back in the Netherlands we were no big spenders but as our income now differs from month to month we are extra careful with money. Olivia is not yet completely on board with this. A couple of days ago she… Continue Reading →

Back to work!

Vikki and I have both been at our new jobs at the Diospi Suyana hospital for a couple of weeks now and we are really enjoying that! So far we are dividing the work week between the two of us… Continue Reading →

Leah to school

For over half a year Leah was looking forward to go to Peru because she was going to get to go to school there. Her picture of school; playing in the ball pit. Last Thursday the big moment finally arrived…. Continue Reading →

A Peruvian de Jager

We have some good news, Vikki is pregnant! We have been to the hospital (our workplace) yesterday for the first sonogram. At first, Olivia did not want to come because she was not feeling well and she thought that we… Continue Reading →

Curahuasi here we come!

Last Friday it was finally time for my last day of classes at the language institute and for our journey to Curahuasi. After we had checked our appartment with our landlord (landlady actually) we and our suitcases got into a… Continue Reading →

Last Sunday in Arequipa

The past couple of weeks have been a bit harder on us mainly because we have been experiencing regular stomach upsets next to colds etc. Thanksfully Steven has been able to go to language school most days so his Spanish… Continue Reading →

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