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Creepy crawlers

We thought it would be nice to start the new year by introducing you to the wonderous world of creepy crawlers that we encounter in and around our house regularly. First of all, the walking stick. Although the walking stick… Continue Reading →

1 year in Peru

Already a year has gone bye since we said goodbye to friends and family and got on the plane to Lima. A lot has happened in this 1 year. A short summary. We started out in Arequipa where Steven worked… Continue Reading →

What does Vikki do at Diospi Suyana?

What does Vikki exactly do at the hospital? Especially if you are a physiotherapist you might be curious. My job as a physiotherapist at Diospi Suyana is a lot different from what it used to be in the Netherlands. I… Continue Reading →

Preaching in the jungle

When we came to Peru, we first lived in Arequipa for 3 months. I (Steven) attended language school daily to improve my Spanish. We were not the only missionaries there doing this. Joel, an American missionary living in Nauta with… Continue Reading →

Simeon Philip de Jager

On August 30th at 17:29 Peruvian time the moment had finally come, our son Simeon Philip was born! Let’s go back a couple of days. On Friday August 24th Vikki and I drove to Cusco with the girls to meet… Continue Reading →

Medical campaign in Poltocsa and an accident on the way

On Saturday the 21st of July, Diospi Suyana carried out a medical campaign in the small village Poltocsa. I (Steven) have been quite busy organising this campaign in the weeks leading up to it. Who is going? Which medical specialties… Continue Reading →

The Nunn invasion

Becoming missionaries has been a big adventure. Becoming sure of God’s calling together, quitting our jobs, moving, learning a new language etc. All exciting and kind of fun. What has not been fun and still is not fun is saying… Continue Reading →

Help from the Netherlands

Everyone can use some help sometimes. We were quite quickly on board when our upstairs neighbours (John and Viola Lentink) suggested to look for a young lady who could help us with the children. I believe that we came up… Continue Reading →

300.000th treatment at Diospi Suyana

As you would expect at a hospital founded by Germans, all the statistics are carefully monitored. That is why on Thursday afternoon we learned that we would perform our 300.000th treatment on Friday. Click here to see how this was… Continue Reading →

Diospi Suyana for dummies #1

Together with my colleague Matthias I regularly take decisions that affect different areas of the hospital. To have a better feel for the effects of our decisions I have decided to tag along with different Diospi Suyana colleagues in their… Continue Reading →

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