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Children finally back at school!

In our last blog we wrote that it appeared that schools would not open any time soon. In a general sense this unfortunately still is the case. The Diospi Suyana school, however, received the long awaited but unexpected permission to… Continue Reading →

There is a time to celebrate

Life is not only difficulty and hardship. We just had a couple of lovely weeks. On July 15th, my (Steven) parents arrived in Peru and a day later I could pick them up in Cusco. After a good lunch on… Continue Reading →

New government

In our last post we wrote about the presidential elections. In the mean time the candidate for the communist party Peru Libre, Pedro Castillo won the elections. The results were unknown for a long time because there were many accusations… Continue Reading →


Today is the day, round 2 of the Peruvian presidential elections. Only two people participate in the second round. Keiko Fujimori is the daughter of Alberto Fujimori who was the president/dictator of Peru from 1990 to 2000. During his time… Continue Reading →

Clubfoot in the amphitheater

Sometimes things go smoothly, and sometimes there are hurdles. The same thing goes for the treatment of patients. Little girl Z, 2 years old, came last February to the hospital with a deformity of the foot called Clubfoot. Since the… Continue Reading →

Visit from the president

Today we received very interesting visitors at Diospi Suyana. The president of Peru visited the hospital, together with the health minister and the minister of education. When I arrived at the hospital this morning, the main road was closed for… Continue Reading →

Back in Peru

We arrived in the Netherlands in the beginning of October. The day after our 10 days in quarantine  the Netherlands went into a lockdown. The restrictions related to Corona virus changed our plans for the time we had in Europe. For… Continue Reading →

Long journey to The Netherlands

The missionaries that work at Diospi Suyana are encouraged to take a home leave after having worked for a period of three years. Its objective being to recharge energy, reconnect with family, friends and the supporting churches. Our home leave… Continue Reading →

Corona in Peru 3

As is our custom, it has been a good while since we last updated you on the current state of affairs in Curahuasi.  The corona virus is still very much at the center of attention in Peru. According to the… Continue Reading →

Nationwide attention for Diospi Suyana

While coronavirus was already manifesting itself in Europe, Peru started preparing for its arrival. Every Peruvian region was harshly confronted with the shortcomings of the national healthcare system, among which a big shortage of ICU beds. The Peruvian government has… Continue Reading →

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