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Club foot training from England

In the week o 11-14 of November, we very much enjoyed four mornings of the Club Foot Course on Ponseti, developed by the Global Club Foot association. Two trainers-  Chela Flowler ( my aunt) and Elisabeth Harvey and an assistant,… Continue Reading →

Home leave week 7 and 8: England and back to Peru

Although saying goodbye to friends and family in the Netherlands was not as intense as when we first left for Peru in 2017 but still it was not nice. Thankfully we were still going to England and Elsa, Robert and… Continue Reading →

Home leave week 6: Zeeland

As the icing on the cake we spent the last bit of our time in the Netherlands in Zeeland with Vikki’s family. We we staying at a really nice house in Groede and really enjoyed the sun, the sea and… Continue Reading →

Home leave week 4 and 5: Netherlands

The weeks after coming back from France we mostly spent visiting and being visited by family and friends. We enjoyed this very much! The children also had a good time playing with their friends. One of the highlights definately was… Continue Reading →

Home leave week 2 and 3: France

Back on the road again. Leah and Olivia were in the car of my (Steven) parents and Vikki, me and Simeon were together in a car that friends had lent us for the trip to France. On the first day… Continue Reading →

Home leave week 1: The Netherlands

After arriving at Schiphol airport (and after giving our family some hugs of course) we bought our first Dutch treats in a small supermarket and enjoyed them thoroughly.  Divided over several cars we travelled from Amsterdam to Best where we… Continue Reading →

Home leave week 0: Peru

We had already been looking forward to it for quite a while, our trip to Europa. And now it was nearly there! Tuesday June the 18th was my (Steven) last workday before our home leave. Because June the 19th was… Continue Reading →

Holiday in Iquitos

Two weeks ago the moment had finally come, our first whole week of holiday since we came to Curahuasi in february 2018! We went to Iquitos for a week where we stayed in a really nice hotel for the first… Continue Reading →

Our laptop died

Dear all, a couple of days ago our laptop died. At the moment it is quite complicated to create new posts with pictures and everything so please have a bit of patience with us :-). Kind regards, Steven

Never a boring day at Diospi

So far, we seldom had a boring day at Diospi Suyana. To illustrate this I would like to tell you a bit about my (Steven) past Wednesday. At 7.45 in the morning me and my colleagues from HR had a… Continue Reading →

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